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How Creditor Score Works

Rate the lenders who rate you

Creditor Score empowers consumers with a lender-scoring system comparable to the consumer credit scoring system used by lenders. Creditor Score helps consumers decide with which lenders to do business based on each lender's rating. A lender's Creditor Score rating is based on how much the lender does to help its customers maintain their credit ratings.

For You

Know before you borrow

Your credit score tells credit card companies and banks how good a customer you will be for them. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to know how good they will be for you? Creditor Score makes it easy for you to find the lenders who have earned a reputation for helping people like you maintain and improve their credit scores. It helps you find those who go above and beyond government requirements.

For Creditors

Better lenders get better customers

Creditor Score is not a ranting site. Creditor Score is a service that helps foster communication between you and potential customers to:

  • Show how much effort you put in to helping your customers' credit ratings
  • Help you improve relations with your customers by addressing the issues that matter most to them
  • Help both you and your customers raise your respective scores

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