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About Creditor Score

Rate the lenders who rate you

Creditor Score is here to help you do one thing: help you find lenders who won't wreck your credit.

Creditor Score empowers consumers with a lender-scoring system comparable to the consumer credit scoring system used by lenders. Creditor Score helps consumers decide with which lenders to do business, based on each lender's rating. A lender's Creditor Score rating is based on how much the lender does to help its customers maintain their credit ratings.

Creditor Score rates each lender by…

  • Interviewing the lender about its policies
  • Screening the quality of the lender's customer service
  • Evaluating the ease of use of the lender's automated systems
  • And much more…

Creditor Score is not a ranting site. Creditor Score is a service that helps foster communication between you and lenders to:

  • Promote lenders who help you, and help you find reputable lenders
  • Help lenders improve their relations with you by addressing the issues that matter most to you
  • Help both you and lenders raise your respective scores

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